Caballero Fabriek



Studioworks develops innovative and sustainable designs to communicate brand identity. Our solutions play a part in numerous design aspects such as exhibition booths, branding, shop layout, pop-up stores, graphic design and furniture. We guarantee full project from its conception to its implementation.

Studioworks visualizes unique and distinctive projects. Our agency thinks rapidly and independently. It enables us to offer you a remarkable and original solution, accordingly to your corporate identity.

Whether it is for an exhibition booth, point of sales or an event, Studioworks chooses to either build locally or abroad by setting up a privileged partnership that oversees the ongoing development of the project.

Created in 2002 in Vevey in Switzerland, Studioworks Design has opened 2 new offices in Hungary and in the Netherlands and counts 15 people who are designers, architects, technical engineers, operation and project managers.